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Unveiled - Instrumental

by Wiley Rinaldi

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UNVEILED is a collaboration of a father, his son, and many musicians to share a handful of treasured songs, written from the 1960s to 2013.
Many were never recorded until now.

In his music, Wiley Rinaldi searches for truth, asks important questions, seeks hope and faith, evokes nostalgia, and quotes spiritual verses.

This album has 9 instrumentals from the album. Since some of the songs were recorded live, it was not possible to export instrumental versions.


released September 10, 2013

All music by Wiley Rinaldi.

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Daniel Badí Rinaldi at the Center for Audio Recording Arts of Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. October 2012-May 2013

Mastered by Nev Walker in Marietta, Georgia, USA

Fiddle on 6 recorded in Victor Allard’s dining room, Castelnau-Durban, France

Percussion on 3,7 and drum set on 3 engineered by Rodrigo “El Niño” Díaz Pesquera at RatRabbit Studios, Madrid, SPAIN

Mouth effects and toothbrushing on 6 recorded in Nathan’s bedroom, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA

Guitar and intro vocals on 6 recorded at R. Gregory Shaw’s “studio” (and wife’s sewing room), Scrabble, West Virginia, USA

Guitar on 1 and banjo on 6 recorded at Keith Bartlett’s Music Studio: North Battleford, Saskatchewan, CANADA

Design: Daniel Badí Rinaldi

Photography: Julio Ceballos (front cover and more), Daniel Badí Rinaldi (musicians), Wiley Rinaldi (vintage slides from travels), Manning Studio (Wiley & teddy bear), Nev Walker (Nev, DBR, & Wiley), Michael Stefani (Zorana photo)


Wiley Rinaldi:
Guitar on all songs except on 8 harmonica on 7

Daniel Badí Rinaldi:
bass on 1,2,3,7,9
ukelele on 1,3,8,9
programming on 1,2,7,8,9
shaker on 2,4
keys on 1,2
guitars on 2
claps on 3

Decker Babcock: trombones on 3,8
Keith Bartlett: guitar on 1 banjo on 6
George Bell: percussion on 1,2,5,6,8
Walter Bland: keys on 2,5,9 programming on 2,5,9
Matt Boehnlein: guitars on 6,8
Anthony Chatman: bass on 5
Shango Dely: congas on 3,7 timbales on 3 bongos on 7 additional percussion on 3,7
Aaron Futch: upright bass on 6,8
David Guillory: guitar on 5
Jasmine Howard: piano on 3
Conor Kelly: guitars on 1
Chris Kemp: guitars on 4,5
Grant Mills: trumpets on 3
Phoebe Parros: fiddle on 6
Rodrigo “El Niño” Díaz Pesquera: drum set on 3
R. Gregory Shaw: guitar on 6
Nathan Shepherd: mouth effects and toothbrushing on 6
Art Weiss: drum set on 1,2,3 (outro only),5,6,8


It is hard to list all the people we want to thank. If we spoke to you about this project and you smiled, then we thank you. If you prayed for this project or simply thought “that’s a good project,” then we thank you.

All musicians & singers who collaborated, all our family, GSU School of Music, MTM students, DDW Workshop, Ruhi Institute, U.S. Bahá’í National Review Office, Atlanta area Bahá’ís, Seattle area Bahá’ís, Bahá’ís of Colombia, New World Unity Ensemble, Company Theatre of Los Angeles, Don Grady (1944 - 2012) & his family, Dr. Robert Thompson, Rodrigo Morales, Matt Still, Thom “TK” Kidd, Nev Walker, Leslie Garrett, Jesse Fish, Ana Cristina Zafra, Katharine Key, JB Eckl, Colby Gottert, Dilsey Davis, Eric Price, Nathan Huening & Sprocket House

Also our Kickstarter & Other Supporters:

Adam Rogerson, Adib Amini, Adriana Zeutenhorst, Andrew Parks, Arletta Young, Bill Conway, Cara McMurry, Catalina Frank, Charity Hofert, Andy & Cheryl Cornwell, Clair Hershey, Colleen Avery, Dan Meged, Dara Shaw, Edie Fields, Edris Taborn, Emma Salahuddin, Erica Shamsi, Eva Torn Thomas, Fox Family, Gavin Grant, Gayle Alvarado, Hoda Mardon, Ian Reed, Jaime Gomez, Afshan T. & Jalil F., James Walton, Joanna & Awil Elmi, John Kepner, Jonathan Fann, Jonathan Miller, Joseph Kleinhenz, Karyn & Tom Traut, Katherin & Na´im Fanaian, Keli Rutan-Jorgensen, Kendra R. & Carlos L., Kevin Sullivan, Kris Larronde, Leila Breton, Linda & Leo Duque, Linda & Riaz Khadem, Lucy Pardo, Margo Arango, Mary Anne Orcutt, Mary Tartaglia, Micah Streiff, Michael Conway, Michael Dawdy, Michele Stuart, Melanie & Munib Rezaie, Myrna Gawryn, Hoda & Nabil Fanaian, Jasmine & Nabil Kleinhenz, Nathan Glines, Nathan Shepherd, Niki Daniels, Nwandi & Vince & family, Johanna & Patrick Parish, Phoebe Parros, Ruth & Hamilton Breton, Sol Bitchatchi, Beatriz & Steve Beebe, Summer Wedertz, Tahirih Lopez, Tamara Frontczak, Tracie Manso, Fahimeh & Vahid Nourani, Krasi S. & Valentin T., Veronica Pimentel, Vicki Sadrzadeh, Fabian Hoyos, Sally & Bill Wiley, Zarin Fryback, Zorine Rinaldi

We hope your heart has throbbed, your soul has been lifted, and your mind has been illumined, even the tiniest bit, after listening to this album. We hope you share your experience with others and perhaps it will also resonate with them.

With much love & gratitude,
Wiley & Daniel Badí

Muchisimas gracias to my son, Daniel Badí, for his inspired initiative, loving patience, focussed energy, dedication and talent to make this CD possible. As my own father, Joe, might have said, “That’s a my boy!”

©2013 Wiley Rinaldi. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Wiley Rinaldi Atlanta, Georgia

In his music, Wiley Rinaldi searches for truth, asks important questions, seeks hope and faith, evokes nostalgia, and quotes spiritual verses.

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